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SellAway Realty was started by David A. Cook who was tired of working with agents in buying and selling his own houses. Most people over 80% of the time will not use the same agent on a second transaction. Why is this? The reason is that most agents do not treat the client as a client. They treat them as a one-time income potential. How many of us can recall a time when they are going to see a house and think, "This is not what I want"? At SellAway Realty we strive to make house selling/buying enjoyable. We listen to your concerns and help you find your dreams. Before we even go to the first house we sit down and listen to what features you want in a house. We discover what you value the most in a house. So when we go and see houses we can find your new house quicker and with spending less of your time searching for a house.

SellAway Realty uses the knowledge of technolgy to make house selling/buying a much more enjoyable experience. We are tied into technology as we see houses so we can tell you everything you need to know about the house while we are there, not after you get home and forget what you saw.

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